Bai Ruttonbai F D Panday Girls High School

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Tree Plantation

The Tree Plantation programme was held in our school on 1st July, 2019. The students of Eco Club , Science Club and Nature Club actively participated in this programme. Our Supervisor Mrs. Wasulkar went to plant saplings in our school garden and compound. The students also planted a plant as a symbol of their concern to grow more tress to save the Mother Earth and in turn the living beings on the earth.
They took an oath to nurture the plants they have planted. They were told that the plants will be supervised after a few months to see how they are taken care of.
The plants were exhibited and the students gave information about the medical worth of the plants which they grew. The students took great care to water the plants. Now our school compound and garden have many new plants growing.

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