Bai Ruttonbai F D Panday Girls High School

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Annual Sports Meet

The Annual Sports Meet was organized on the club-ground from the 10th to 14th of December 2018 with great enthusiasm and excitement.

The inauguration ceremony began with the impressive March-Past on the beats of the drum by the students. The honorable Principal accepted the salute of the March-Past. The oath administered by the sports captain, held the students in thrall. The students from standards V to X enthusiastically participated in the events, such as 50m and 100m sprint, high jump, long jump, skipping, hurdle race, sack race, etc. The students exhibited a great show of sportsmanship while competing against the opponent houses for the championship cup. The cheers of the audience galvanized the participants into pulling out all the stops.

On December 15, sprint relay and tug-of-war were held on the secondary school ground, for standards IX and X. The students put in every ounce of strength to bring victory to their house. The house teachers participating in the potato race were passionately cheered by their students. The female staff members won the tug-of-war against the male staff.

Mr. Janardhan Aauti, an educator of Sir Yusuf Meher Ali High School, blessed us with his presence as Chief Guest, for the closing ceremony. A veteran in the field of physical education, and a recipient of many awards, he inspired the students with his words of wisdom and felicitated them with trophies and certificates of honor. The trophy for the Best March-Past was secured by the Red House, who also bagged the Championship Trophy. The Green house won the shield for the March-Past.

A day full of engaging activities reached its inevitable end with the Principal declaring the Annual Sports Meet 2018 closed. With a tribute to the National Anthem, the curtains of the five-day sports meet were brought down.

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